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Chamomile helps restore natural skin moisture

What To Look For In Baby Lotions?

Babies skin is much more delicate, fragile and sensitive than compared to adult skin. Consequently babies are much more susceptible to skin irritations and rashes. Biosoma Baby Moisturizing Lotion is formulated with the needs of your baby’s delicate skin in mind.

Moms will be reassured to know first and foremost Biosoma Baby Moisturizing Lotion is Hypoallergenic. We formulate our lotion to ensure that our products do not contain ingredients that can cause irritations or allergic reactions. In some cases, ingredients like parabens could cause skin irritation, which is why we also ensure Biosoma Baby Moisturizing Lotion is paraben free!

We also include Chamomile, a well known Natural Extract, for its calming, relaxing, soothing and anti-inflammatory effects, while maintaining an optimal level of skin moisture to avoid dryness.

Bear in mind that applying a moisturizing lotion could be one of the best moments for your baby. Applying a moisturizing baby lotion with soft and tender messages, will help relax and comfort your baby. Thiscould be one of the most important bonding moments with your baby!

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